QHSE Manager
Oil Company

Purpose of the QHSE Manager

Delivering services that enable the Company to achieve QHSE, enhanced operational performance and operability, and cost savings.

Key Accountabilities for this Position


·         Ensuring HSE Policies are well communicated, displayed, understood and implemented throughout the operation

·         Develop and implement a Corporate Major Accident Prevention Policy

·         Ensuring that Integrated Management System is well communicated, understood and implemented throughout the operation and is continuously monitored for effectiveness, and updated when required

·         Establish QHSE goals, objectives in line with KPl’s, objectives and set priorities ensuring that this is driven by leading indicators

·         Report on the HSE performance with regular frequency to the General Director.

·         Conduct management review meeting annually with country management.

  • Represent management system during external audits, including client and certification bodies.
  • Ensure legal regulations and compliance are identified, communicated and monitored
  • Manage the HSE Incident reporting and investigation process and participate in investigations as required
  • Maintain International certification in line with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 (and ISO 45001 on issue)

·         Oversee the work of the Quality Assurance, Quality Control, ensuring that they have adequate resources and appropriate systems in place to ensure compliance with all accreditations such as API Spec Q2 latest edition requirements

·         Develop and implement drilling safety cases in line with IADC Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Case Guidelines for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

·         Lead HAZID workshops

·         Lead Bow-Tie risk assessment workshops

·         Lead HAZEER workshops

·         Develop and maintain Emergency Response Plans, and implement ER response structure in line with international best practice

·         Develop and implement annual ER exercise plans

·         Establish and test pollution response plans

·         Establish business continuity plans

·         Establish a Competency Management System for QHSE within the organisation

·         Establish an annual IMS self-assessment process within the organisation

·         Establish a regular safety climate survey (e.g. Energy Institute, Hearts and Minds) and utilise this towards continual improvement

·         Produce HSE Plans and Bridging Documents in line with IOGP 423 (HSE management guidelines for working together in a contract environment)

  • Establish annual goals, objectives, priorities, and develop and execute action plans, through annual and five year QHSE Plans.
  • Develop, implement, maintain and continuously improve systems, in line with international best practice
  • Ensure quality objectives are established at all functional levels.
  • Apply business assurance systems to ensure continual improvement
  • Develop QHSE philosophies, standards, guidelines and procedures to support the IMS processes as required
  • Conduct IMS compliance reviews, audits and health checks
  • Support the Supply Chain Management Process by:
  • Monitor procurement processes to ensure that the supplier has adequately assessed and implemented the quality assurance and quality control requirements for suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • ·         Review supplier Project Execution Plans, Project Quality Plans, Quality Control Plans, audit schedules and key project management procedures, to ensure that they are logical, process focussed, systematic and fulfil contract requirements
  • Establish and maintain the Non-Conformance reporting and management system.
  • Collate and analyse performance data generated from quality management information, including but not limited to supplier quality reviews, non-conformances, audits, inspections, reviews and surveys
  • Assist in the development of the Integrity Assurance programme
  • Develop supplier surveillance plans
  • Ensure quality Policies are documented, approved, implemented and maintained.
  • Coordinate QA/QC Inspectors to ensure all products are inspected to the highest of standards.
  • Establish a lessons learned and customer monitoring system to integrate necessary corrective & preventive actions into day-to-day activities.
  • Conduct management meetings with all function heads to establish, delineate, and review program organizational policies, to coordinate functions and operations between departments, and establish responsibilities and procedures for attaining objectives.
  • Establish and execute annual QHSE internal and external audit programme
  • Liaise with customers on a regular basis to understand and improve perceived quality I HSE
    Performance and ensure contractual requirements are met.
  • Identify and recommend Quality related training required for all product lines to support continuous improvement.
  • Be responsible for budgetary planning control of the QHSE function.
  • Develop, revise where required and evaluate procedures and practices.

·         Management of Quality and HSE Team

·         Acts as a focal point for issues related to Quality and HSE for his assigned team with respect to

·         Acts as a focal point for issues related to Quality and HSE for his assigned team with respect to other divisions and fields

·         Develop and conduct local HSE training on regular basis, and track training progress as per requirements

·         Mentors and participates in the ongoing training and development of employees

·         Administering the staff training activities including post-training evaluation activities after training provided


Knowledge, competencies, skills and experience required

·         15+ years working experience in Quality & HSE at a senior level

·         Lead auditor to ISO 9001:2015

·         Experienced in offshore drilling activites from MODUs and platforms

·         Experienced in well services activities

·         Experienced in development and implementation of offshore safety cases

·         Experience Bow-Tie risk assessment leader

·         Experienced in marine operations

·         Experience with quality assurance and quality control as per API Q1/lS09001 and monogram machine shop product QC inspection.

·         Technical Skills: Product & process knowledge of API Q1/Q2 and ISO 9001

·         API Specification knowledge against API 7-1/5CT/8C/5DP/61 & DS1 inspection, NDT requirements


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Oil Company


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