Sales Support and Marketing Manager
FMCG Company

Key Responsibilities:

Being the brand ambassador of the company

Responsibility for delivery of the targeted sales

Responsibility for delivery of the targeted operating profit

Staff responsibility for the marketing team 

Responsibility for company awareness amongst customers

Responsibility for Consultants and Customers loyalty

Responsibility for implementing locally of Regional and Global projects

To do regular market research and analysis of market competitors




Implementing and adaptation of the global and the regional strategy


Translate global and regional brand strategies into brand plans, brand positioning and go-to-market strategies

Implement brand standards and usage guidelines

Take brand ownership and lead the organization to match up

Sales Support

Implement regionally created Sales Action Plans

Prepare the communication plan to Sales Force

Translating, printing and publishing the launch material,

Forecasting the quantities for printed materials and gifts etc.

Push and follow up to ensure sales actions deliver the desired results

Giving feedback to the Regional Team

Event Management 

Being the spokesperson of events when needed

Sales Force related events (seminars, banquets etc.)

Press Conferences

Projects aiming to reach consumers

Printed Materials

Ensuring the accuracy on forecasting the quantities

Ensuring the translations to local language are being done in the best way to convey the true meaning of the originals

Ensuring the most beneficial purchasing

Catalogue planning

Track consumer and market insights by reviewing metrics such as sales volume, market share, profit projections, pricing and distribution, and by conducting consumer research provide data to regional offices

Giving feedback to the Regional Team


Planning and implementing advertising campaigns together with regional marketing team

Cooperation with media agencies (Media buying houses, ATL & BTL advertising agencies).

Coordinate and participate in promotional activities and trade shows,

Creating consistency and managing all communication channels

Managing Social Media channels


Planning, controlling marketing budget that covers areas of ATL, BTL, on-line, PR and activity/sales support programs. Additionally control over DEMO budget and printing budget is required



Qualifications required:

Good experience of all aspects of ATL/BTL communications on Azerbaijan basis especially on social media management

Both analytical and creative thinking skills is required.

Very good feeling of customers behaviours on a mass market scale

Computer literacy and very good command in English, Russian and Azerbaijani languages

Competencies/ personal characteristics:

  • High energy people person who is willing to work hands-on on operational tasks.
  • Pro-active and creative, efficient yet with an open and flexible attitude.
  • He or she should be an initiative taker and seize opportunities on a daily basis in the area of marketing and also act outside the marketing area as part of the senior management team.
  • The leadership style should be based on a coaching style to develop his or her team to in their areas. Strong drive and a positive “down-to-earth” attitude.
  • Strong willingness to learn and develop
  • Eagerness to take on new responsibilities
  • A proactive approach to improving business
  • Skills in negotiating with suppliers.
  • Organized, well-structured and good at doing many things and at the same time meeting deadlines.

Willing to travel time to time



(+99412) 5961868

FMCG Company


1200 - 1800 azn