Marine Logistics Coordinator
Oil Company

Work Location: Base Office (30 km away from the city centre)

• Liaise with vessel operations management, marine base premises management, Site Material Coordinator, competent authorities, subcontractors and various functions involved in the supply chain management process in order to ensure that Project equipment & material mobilization/demobilization, final delivery onto offshore construction vessel are executed in a safe and timely manner;
• Coordinate the logistical arrangements including the mobilisation of relevant equipment, trucks, machinery for timely deployment of equipment and material and delivery to the offshore construction vessels;
• Ensure appropriate coordination of logistic/marine base to grant necessary support/assistance to vessel operating in the area;
• Supervise adherence to deadlines, costs, quality and safety standards;
• Coordinate personnel on the base and supervise equipment scheduling and maintenance;
• Schedule and ensure assets and equipment overhauls/maintenance and co-ordinate their implementation as per company requirement;
• Ensure timely follow-up of required maintenance of the equipment;
• Supervise the correct operation of warehouse management information packages;
• Review the inventory of Patrimonial Assets on the base and handle technical and operational requests on the base;
• Supervise the correct storage and maintenance of assets in the base;
• Fully adhere, at all times and irrespective of the work place, to Company Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) policies, procedures and requirements;
• Perform other related duties as assigned by the Superior.


Qualifications & Experience:

Education: Technical education
Work Experience: Minimum 5-10 years' of experience in a similar position.

Knowledge of Languages: English (fluent), Azerbaijani (fluent)
Other Skills/Certificates Required:
- Capability to ensure proper logistic base management and planning, and correct management of asset technical office;
- Capability to ensure the correct application of the codes for marine/logistic base management;
- Knowledge of Spare Parts Management, Client Supply Chain Workflow (PR/ PO/ requisition, FAT/SAT, etc.) and warehouse management principles, transport and logistics.


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Oil Company


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