Projects Coordinator
Consulting company

Major duties:
 Coordinate project management activities, resources, equipment and information
 Break projects into doable actions and set timeframes
 Liaise with clients to identify and define requirements, scope and objectives
 Assign tasks to internal teams and assist with schedule management
 Make sure that clients' needs are met as projects evolve
 Help prepare budgets
 Analyze risks and opportunities
 Oversee project procurement management
 Monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise
 Act as the point of contact and communicate project status to all participants
 Work with the Project Manager to eliminate blockers
 Use tools to monitor working hours, plans and expenditures
 Issue all appropriate legal paperwork (e.g. contracts and terms of agreement)
 Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports
 Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests


Functional requirements:
 Due to the international element of the role, you must have language skills Azerbaijani, English and
Russian to a high standard.
 At least, 5 years of relevant experience.
 Experience in working in international environmental is an asset
 Excellent communicational and organizational skills
 Ability to work under stress and meet deadlines
 Proficiency in MS Office, especially Project Office, MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint
 Project management skills
Work conditions:
 Location & travelling: Mainly in Baku (95%). Occasionally, related with projects, you may have to travel
abroad or other countrywide cities (5%)
 Working hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm, 5 working days a week. Extra hours may sometimes
be needed, especially if you are up against a tight deadline or if there are problems to resolve
 Free lunch is provided at the office
Salary & Benefits:
Salary is composed of fixed and variable components. You can see information on fixed portion below.
 Salary 800-1000 AZN (net)
Over scope benefits could be foreseen for the additional assignments which are not part to the present job
description, only in case if they do not create inconveniences and delays for the implementation of the present
job description. Over scope benefits/fees are variable, which are determined on a project base per involvement



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Consulting company


800 - 1000 azn