Public Relations Director
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Public Relations Director
The director of a Public Relations company takes overall responsibility for the successful development of the PR agency, its media relationships and its partnerships with customers.
The PR company director takes initiative and responsibility for overall agency direction and strategy, enabling its staff (composed of public relations officers, administrative staff and media liaison experts) to enhance their clients' relationship with key media and effectively use the information chain to amplify key messages based on their overall strategy.
 Leading and developing PR agency on the local market
 Prepare and implement development strategy
 Identify opportunities and find new clients
 Take overall responsibility for sales
 Cultivate relationships with key media players on market
 Manage PR projects, find relevant experts
 Learn and understand potential clients communication objectives
 Ensure staff delivering effective KPI
 Actively promoting PR agency on the market

Work conditions:
 Location & travelling: Mainly in Baku (80%). Occasionally, related with projects, you may have to travel abroad or other countrywide cities (20%)
 Working hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm, 5 working days a week. Extra hours may sometimes be needed, especially if you are up against a tight deadline or if there are problems to resolve
 Staff member
 Paid annual leave, two times a year x 15 days = 30 days
 Free corporate mobile phone provided only for business calls (with the limit of 100 AZN per month)
 Per diems will be provided for the business trips
 Corporate taxi services will be provided both for business meetings and into office transportation
 Free lunch is provided at the office
Salary & Benefits:
Salary is composed of fixed and variable components. You can see information on fixed portion below.
 Starting from 1200 and depends on the candidate
 Bonuses for the private and public sector contracts which are initiated, developed and gained by the PR Director will be calculated


Functional requirements:
 Fluent Azerbaijani (both writing and speaking) and Russian
 At least, 5-7 year of relevant experience in working and leading PR agencies
 Master degree in Public Relations is an asset
 Relevant PR recognized professional qualification is an asset
 Excellent knowledge of local media market
 Ability to work under stress and meet deadlines
 Proficiency in MS Office, especially MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint
 Project management skills and experience is desirable



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1200 - azn