HVAC (Industrial) Technician
Engineering Company


 Implement maintenance of HVAC and refrigeration equipment
 Compliant with QHSE requirements, local and international regulations and standards,
 Assist the onsite techs and engineer to carry out day-to-day duties
 Ensure that all works are carried out in compliance with Company and Client's QHSE rules
 Abide by Client rules and regulations for the proper execution of the services
 Execute Maintenance preventive and correctives operations
 Diagnose and identify breakdowns or deviations on devices, equipment or systems
 Repair or replace the damaged elements or tools
 Carry out the maintenance tasks required for the corrective and preventive maintenance of the elements, devices or systems
 All of the above under the guidance of the onsite engineer
 Attend at various daily, weekly and occasional meetings
 Keep Supervisor informed on the progress of ongoing operations
 Execute the final controls and the related maintenance tasks planned by Client's Maintenance System.
 Complete and sign the necessary maintenance data sheets
 Attend courses to expand competency of HVAC, electrical and refrigeration
 Regularly assessed by the onsite engineer to track career experience
 Perform other related duties as assigned by Supervisor or Site engineer.

Resume screening takes one month and only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


Work location: Offshore or Onshore with 28/28 or 14/14 shifts
Knowledge and Technical knowledge of industrial HVAC and Electrical Systems; Computer literate;
skills: good English reading and writing; Knowledge of Permit To Work systems; Good
team player; Willingness to learn
Experience: Previous in HVAC and/or industrial electrical experience
Certificates: City & Guilds 2079/F-Gas, COMPEX, BOHS P601, Small Bore Tubing (Swangelok) will be preferred.



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Engineering Company


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