HVAC Project Engineer
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Job purpose:

HVAC Project Engineer provides operational and project-engineering expertise in support of HVAC projects; coordinates project deliverables, and interfaces to ensure the project is executed in a safe, efficient, cost effective and timely manner.


• Support HVAC Project Manager in planning, coordinating and managing the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of HVAC projects.
• Assist HVAC Project Manager in reviewing project communications and identifying key issues requiring action/response.
• Provide operational and technical solution, with estimated cost and duration that resolves the issue within the defined scope
• Liaise with relevant Departments and provide information on the activities that comprise the overall scope, including disciplines, levels of competence and duration for the development of a planning schedule.
• Review and finalization of project procedures in consultation with key project personnel.
• Provide a clear description of work scope methodology to allow scope execution in a controlled manner and in accordance with client and regulatory requirements.
• Ensure that HVAC personnel meet both the company and clients competency requirements and are in line with corporate aims.
• Ensure the required plant, equipment, PPE, consumables and materials are shipped on time, and check that it is returned on time.
• Remain involved in the progress and execution of the job, and help resolve any technical and planning issues that may arise.
• Build and maintain healthy client relationships throughout the project and post completion.

The detailed information will be provided for the shortlisted candidates.


Experience: Previous HVAC and Project engineering experience in the Oil and Gas industry.
Knowledge: Computer literate; fluent in Azerbaijani; good (above average) English reading and writing.
Relevant certification is advantage.



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