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Operations Executive Job Purpose:
Oversees the daily workings of warehouse operations. Plans, manages, and implements schedules to ensure deadlines are met, and maintains a high-quality standard of product production and delivery.
Operations Executive Job Duties:
• Manages the growth and success of the team
• Coordinates activities that affect operational decisions and requirements
• Responsible for the production, procurement, and planning of daily operations
• Communicates with all relevant employees to ensure delivery times are met
• Plans, schedules, and reviews workload and manpower to make sure targets are being met on a cost-effective basis
• Manages the office stock control, and checks that inventory records are accurate
• Ensures the production team has enough time to accomplish and deliver projects based on the client's request
• Creates a detailed schedule based on strict deadlines
• Communicates any changes in the order or delivery date to relevant parties
• Monitors production standards
• Makes sure the working environment maintains access to quality equipment
• Purchases office tools and services required for production and the office.
• Follows up on interruptions to the order
• Organizes, plans, and implements inventory activity
• Confirms that company regulations are followed
• Provides guidance to employees.


Operations Manager and Qualifications:
- Excellent English Langue Both Written and Verbal.
- Prior Minimum of 3 Years Similar Experience and / or Executive Secretary Experience Preferred.
- Prior Experience in Interior / Architectural Design Field Preferred.
- Highly Organized, Production and Planning Skills
- Ability to Manage Time and Workload Effectively.
- Excellent Communication Skills.
- Leadership Skills.
- Strong Problem-Solving Skills.
- Minor experience in General Accounting.
- Negotiating and Working with Suppliers.
- Ability to Work in a Team Environment.
- Strong Attention to Detail.
- Ability to Engage and Motivate Others; Drive to Achieve Results


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