Copywriter Company
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Job Description

Responsibilities :

Candidates, eligible for the position will need to fulfill and oversee below listed tasks:
Development and examining of all commercial texts requested/sent for confirmation from various sections of CBU, in Azerbaijani, English and Russian.
Development of texts will include but not limited by:
Development and review of texts for main corporate web-page and other marketing touchpoints
Development or review of texts for tasks dedicated by different departments to MarCom, to be posted within internal communications;
Development or review of texts and campaign plots communicated through Social Media channels of Company;
Development or review of SMS/USSD texts by MarCom or CBU, B2B sections;
Development or review of all written communication, requested by MarCom team members;
Development, review and confirmation of texts developed for the new upcoming corporate web page;
Development, review and confirmation of content for Direct Marketing tools including but not limited to Email marketing platforms,  presentations,  brochures, applications, etc.
Understating corporate communication platform and overseeing that verbal communication is in line with communication platform;
Participation in MarCom internal brainstorming sessions and development of creative content;

Requirements :

Qualifications and Education Requirements:
Full written and spoken command of Azerbaijani, English and Russian;
Experience in the field of commercial communications;
Preference should be given to creative individuals, with good background in creative writing;
Assets under Copywriters Supervision:
Main corporate web page
All written communications: emails, texts on visuals video coms
Internal communications, delegated to MarCom.