Pre-commissioning Engineer Oil Company

Job Description

Work Location: Base Office (30 km away from the city centre)

Responsibilities :

Be responsible for technical aspects related to the pipeline Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning activities;
Be responsible for the supervision of the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning Subcontractors and to co-ordinate the specific work scopes;
Review Subcontractor prepared documentation to meet Contractor and Client specification and requirements.
Report to the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning Lead or to his direct responsible on either the project or bid organizations;
Develop the technical documentation related to the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning activities defined by either the bid or project requirements;
Draw up the operational schedule related to the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning operations in liaison with other function engineers;
Perform all the necessary calculations and verification to define the proper selection of material, consumable and equipment necessary to perform the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning operation;
Design of the temporary items to be prefabricated for the execution of the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning operation and follow up the fabrication process;
Evaluate the technical and commercial proposals received by the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning subcontractor and issue the relevant TBEs to procurement department to finalize the selection;
Attend meetings, both internal and with Client, to examine and discuss the technical aspects of the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning activity, including KOM with relevant involved parties/department (included but not limited to QHSE, Consortium interface);
Notify his direct responsible of any problems occurring with any other engineering areas Supervise the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning Subcontractor during both engineering and execution phases of the project;
Follow up the Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning activity on site for both the on-shore and off-shore pipeline projects;
Coordinate and follow up mechanical completion dossiers with Company and Contractor internal personnel
Fully adhere, at all times and irrespective of the work place, to Company Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) policies, procedures and requirements;
Perform other related duties as assigned by Superior

Requirements :

Qualifications & Experience: Education: Higher education, Degree in Mechanical, Petroleum or Chemical Engineering or Oil and Gas Related Degrees.
Work Experience:
3-5 years’ experience with pre-commissioning scope
Knowledge of Languages: English (fluent), Azerbaijani (fluent).

Other Skills and Qualifications

Basic knowledge of methodologies, equipment and key issues related to fabrication / construction / installation and commissioning activities;
Capability to model, gather, select, store and retrieve project data (formatted, unformatted, graphical, hard copy, electronic copy);
Knowledge and understanding of HSE procedures and Project requirements for all project phases;
Familiarity and knowledge of general QA/QC requirements, ensuring proper implementation and interpretation of the guidelines defined by the QA/QC plans;
Experience with Subsea pipeline flooding, cleaning, gauging, hydro testing;
Experience with Preparation/review of procedures, methodologies and planning for pre-commissioning activities;
Offshore pre-commissioning experience;
Experience with Vessel Based Spreads and Subsea Units;
Experience with fluid handling interfaces (e.g. flanges, fittings, hot stabs);