Contract Administrator Oil Company

Job Description

Work Location: Baku Office
Position Schedule: ASAP, 1 year (renewable)

Responsibilities :

Verify the completeness of contract documents (consistency check) and distribute them to project team members;
Track client, subcontractors, vendors obligations;
Administer the contract ensuring that project is performed in line with contractual obligations
Liaise with project team, coordinate Project Contract Review, participate to meetings, manage and file all correspondence having a contractual relevance exchanged during project execution with clients, partners, subcontractors, vendors and authorities;
Monitor contract risks of critical work packages (subcontractors, vendors) and propose remedial actions;
Manage the change process on the project, including change orders, claims, back charges, penalties, new prices, dispute handling and resolution (except for litigation and arbitration) towards clients, main subcontractors and key vendors, ensuring that notices and notifications are issued as per contractual requirements, and participate in the generation of additional revenue as entitled by the contracts;
Check consistency between records, reports and correspondence, verify supporting documentation for invoicing and monitor that payments received are in line with the contractual terms;
Ensure all Project Certificates are duly issued by clients (e.g. Milestone Completion Certificates, Mechanical Completion, Handover Certificate, Provisional Acceptance Certificate);
Capability to address rights and responsibilities in a legal perspective, highlighting pros and cons in relation to a certain variation, dispute or claim, distinguishing the commercial and legal constraints;
Capability to manage the contract from the moment of the signature to the completion under different aspects: keeping the contractual correspondence with the Client and Subcontractors, knowledge of invoicing and payment process, as well as recording of significant data and goals relevant to the project execution, notify the milestone reached, the expiry of guarantees;
Implement an effective management of change in conjunction with other Project functions;
Full comprehension of all legal obligations and responsibilities arising out of the contracts entered into by Company, whether with clients or subcontractors and suppliers;
Knowledge of methods applied to plan work execution and to monitor its progress also in relation to the associated payments obligations and delay risk. Monitor the timely execution by the entities involved in the Project (Client, Partners, Subcontractors and Suppliers) of their respective activities and obligations;
Ensure that, during project execution, contractual requirements are fully addressed up to final acceptance of works and completion of all project close-out activities;
Ensure necessary liaison with other competent Company functions, in particular with AFC, Insurance, Procurement and Risk functions;
Ensure regular reporting as required;
Ensure, for the area in own remit, that the relevant Golden Rules and Silver Guidelines are implemented;
Ensure collection and sharing within the Legal function of lessons learned, feedbacks and returns of experience on problems/criticalities encountered during project execution;
Fully adhere, at all times and irrespective of the work place, to Company Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) policies, procedures and requirements;
Perform other related duties as assigned by Superior.

Requirements :

Qualifications & Experience:   
Education:                         High Education, Law, Engineering or Economics
Work experience:               More than 3 years in a similar position                                                                                                                                                            Knowledge of Languages:   English (fluent), Azerbaijani (fluent)

Other Skills/Certificates Required:
To collaborate productively in the pursuit of shared objectives and contribute towards creating a positive climate in the team by assigning value to integration;
Be fluent in standard software for PC such as MS Office.