Director / International transportation Company Transportation/logistics

Job Description

Responsibilities :

  Liaising with agents in order to come up with the best and cheaper price possible on transportation services
  Recruiting and hiring new workers while also overseeing the activities of staff in order to ensure that operations flow smoothly
  Managing budgets by making ends meet which involves keeping a careful eye on costs and finding a cheaper way to transport goods
  Looking out for ways to improve transportation processes. 
  Coming up with new ideas or innovations on how the organization can sell more products and how customer demands can be accurately satisfied
  Maintaining good and healthy relationships with staff, customers, or agents and seeking feedback from customers in order to ensure their satisfaction
  Keeping track of timetables and costs.  

Requirements :

Min 5 years experience in a transportation/ logistics company
Well-developed written and oral communication skills. Proficiency in English and Russian languages . 
  High level of composure and self-management skills in order to demonstrate calmness under pressure since the job frequently involves stressful situations
  Sound analytical skills in order to identify problems and come up with solutions or recommendations
  Creates functional strategies and develops budgets
  Good negotiation skills in order to arrive at agreements that benefit the company or organization
  Particular attention to details in order to avoid mistakes and ensure operations are carried out successfully
  Sound and adequate educational background, business, supply chain, and other fields related to logistics with several years of professional experience.