Security Solutions Architect Telecom
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Job Description

Responsibilities :

Develop and document supply chain risks for critical system elements, as appropriate;
Provide enterprise information security and supply chain risk management guidance for development of the Continuity of Operations Plans;
Develops, modifies, enhances, and sustains new or existing computer applications, software, or utility programs following software security best practices throughout the software lifecycle;
Develops technical security solutions to meet the defined requirements;
Analyze corporate needs and requirements to plan system architecture;
Collaborate with system developers to select appropriate secure design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components with Corporate security strategy.
Design system architecture or system components required to meet business needs;
Develop information security designs for systems and networks with multilevel security requirements or requirements for the processing of multiple classification levels of data;
Document and address organization's information security, information security architecture, and systems security engineering requirements throughout the acquisition lifecycle;
Identify and prioritize critical business functions in collaboration with organizational stakeholders;
Perform security reviews, identify gaps in security architecture, and develop a security risk management plan.

Requirements :

Position requirements 
Knowledge of cryptography and cryptographic key management concepts;
Knowledge of human-computer interaction principles.
Knowledge of industry-standard and organizationally accepted analysis principles and methods;
Knowledge of information theory, including source coding, channel coding, algorithm complexity theory, and data compression;
Knowledge of information technology (IT) architectural concepts and frameworks;
Knowledge of network access, identity, and access management (e.g., public key infrastructure [PKI]);
Knowledge of key concepts in security management (e.g., Release Management, Patch Management);
Knowledge of systems testing and evaluation methods.
Knowledge of key telecommunication concepts (e.g., Routing Algorithms, Fiber Optics Systems Link Budgeting, Add/Drop Multiplexers);
Knowledge of the systems engineering process;
Skill in applying and incorporating information technologies into proposed solutions;
Skill in designing the integration of hardware and software solutions;
Skill in design modeling and building use cases (e.g., unified modeling language);
Knowledge of the methods, standards, and approaches for describing, analyzing, and documenting an organization's enterprise information technology (IT) architecture (e.g., Open Group Architecture Framework [TOGAF], Department of Defense Architecture Framework [DODAF], Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework [FEAF]);
Knowledge of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data security standards;
Knowledge of information technology (IT) supply chain security and risk management policies, requirements, and procedures;
Knowledge of network security architecture concepts, including topology, protocols, components, and principles (e.g., application of defense-in-depth);
Knowledge of network systems management principles, models, methods (e.g., end-to-end systems performance monitoring), and tools;
International certifications in Information Security such as CRTSA, CNDA, GDSA, CİSSP- İSSAP are desirable;
Fluent Azeri and English language skills.