2nd Assistant Superintendent Oil Service Company
012 -5961868

Job Description

Responsibilities :

Coordinate specific activities with a group of construction crew in compliance with Project specification, in order to ensure efficient performance and respecting HSE and Quality procedures and practices;
Where a 1st Assistant is not assigned, have overall responsibility during own shift for work and construction crew under the direction of the Offshore Construction Manager;
Assist the 1st Assistant (or the Offshore Construction Manager where a 1st Assistant is not assigned to the vessel) with regard to interdisciplinary coordination of specific activities on board;
Supervise a group of construction crew, directing foreman and / or supervisors, with regard to the various disciplines/categories of construction and assembly work, in order to comply with the quality and safety standard;
Ensure that the 1st Assistant and the Offshore Construction Manager are kept fully informed of potential problems and construction status;
Where required, liaise with Chief Mate, 2nd Engineer, Vessel Equipment Engineer and subcontractor's supervisors to ensure adequate coordination for the activities under own remit;
Ensure that the Permit-to-Work system for construction crew is adhered to and ensure that the daily Tool Box Talks and JSA, if required, are carried out according to the procedures;
Motivate construction crew/subcontractors with regards to health, safety and environment awareness;
Ensure the compliance with the standards dictated by the Company QHSE policies and safety procedures, in order to perform the activities in a safe manner;
Report incidents and near-miss events;
Provide a construction report at the end of each shift;
Assist the Vessel Field Engineer in the follow up of project equipment and consumable, operation and monitoring of installation parameters;
Ensure the rigging gear used is within date and properly marked; 
Report to the 1st Assistant or directly to the Offshore Construction Manager if the 1st Assistant Superintendent is not assigned to the vessel;
Provide translation for Offshore Construction Manager, Vessel Management Team and crew, enacting as a communication bridge with the local staff and expats.
Fully adhere, at all times and irrespective of the work place, to Company Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) policies, procedures and requirements;
Perform other related duties as assigned by the line manager.

Requirements :

Position Info:    
Work Location:          Offshore Construction Vessel
Position Schedule: ASAP, 6 months (renewable)
Qualifications & Experience:   
  Education:                               Higher Education
  Work experience:                  Offshore construction experience (Pipeline, Diving, ROV operations and etc.) required                                                                                                                          
  Knowledge of Languages:    English (fluent), Azerbaijani (fluent), Russian (is an asset)

Other Skills/Certificates Required:
Mandatory skills:
Strong leadership, interpersonal and problem solving skills;
Knowledge of deepwater subsea installation activities;
Capability to plan the activities and develop efficient work sequences;
Capability to understand Project Technical Documents;
Knowledge of ROV activities; 
Knowledge of adequate Personal Protective Equipment - purpose, use and maintenance.

Additional skills:
Knowledge of welding & coating techniques and equipment;
Knowledge of Permit To Work System;
Capability to monitor the application of the Quality Control Plan.