CREATIVE DIRECTOR Advertising Company
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Job Description

Responsibilities :

Is responsible for the quality of the creative output for several Clients and contact person in all 
creative concerns and questions. 
Responsible for the creative Leadership and creative Visions in his campaigns 
In cooperation with the Account Director responsible for the achievement of (advertising and creative) objects 
Responsible for personnel reviews (creative) in the team
In prior consultation with Company's Business Development active player in the new business process
Recruitment of new creative employees in cooperation with the H.R. and the CCO
Development and Coordination of Organisational Processes 
Capacity Planning in the teams (in cooperation with the Account  Director)
Agreement on objectives with all creative employees in his team
Training and development of the creative Teams 
Assure the contentedness, motivation and satisfaction in the team 
Responsible for the general Advertising Budget and it’s coordination
Supervision of the economic targets and the profit of his Team 
Identification of strategic Visions and Goals for the Client’s brand 
Organization and Coordination of Pitches and creative Output 
Superior responsibility in keeping Timings 
Lading in the creation of Presentations 
Presentation of creative concepts to the Client 

Source of Company culture 
Ensuring first class creative output 
Anticipating to reach the predetermined goals and Awards in creative competitions
ensuring client’s satisfaction regarding the quality of the creative output
Development of conceptual and strategic Ideas (in cooperation with the Planning)
Observation of market trends and Client’s competitors 
Mastering most important marketing theories and approaches
Mastering most important Company tools for Brand leading
Supporting Business Development in the acquisition of new clients 
Identification of Up- and Cross-Selling opportunities at the Client
active role in the partnership-culture 

Requirements :

At least 10 years experience in the Creative Dpt as “senior” Copy Writer or Art-Director
- Profit-orientated thinking 
- Sales Talent
- Perfect Presentation Skill 
- Representative and confident appearance 
- Ability to solve complex Problems in a analytic way 
- Managerial Skills 
- Ability to motivate the Team / creative employees