Indirect Procurement Senior Specialist Telecom
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Job Description

Responsibilities :

To develop and maintain procurement plan for the area of responsibility.
To cooperate with Operating Functions to gather forecast data and demand analysis required to build the procurement strategy for strategic and core business contracts.
To review and define contract management scope and sourcing strategies with internal clients for high value, high risk and high criticality contracts.

To review & define policy on cash flow, financing, bonding, currency, hedging.

To establish initial Tenderers List. To perform the pre-qualification of new potential bidders.

To  collect all required technical documentation to be included into the RFQ/Tender documentation.
To work with Procurement HoD and internal stakeholders to agree and define the evaluation strategy document.
To issue RFQ/Tender package, expedites and receives tenders.
To commence Commercial and Technical evaluation. To receive clarifications from Technical team and resolve it with tenderers. To hold bid review if necessary.
To check for inconsistencies between procurement scope and terms and conditions, warranties, indemnification and insurance.

To perform the review for “hidden” liabilities associated with the provision of procurement services, issues such as Incoterms, export/import restrictions, shipping responsibility, compliance with tax exemption requirements.
To finalize Commercial evaluation. To perform Post-Tender Negotiation & issues Recommendation to Award.
To conduct the Contract kick-off meeting with the respective parties.
To collaborate with key internal stakeholders on post contract award activities. To participate in Scope change and Claim Management disputes. To manage the issuance of Variation Orders and Contract Amendments.

To work with finance to align the invoice payment and cash flow management.

To achieve cost reductions while maintaining or improving the quality of supplies and services.

By fulfilling working duties execution of the immediate supervisor & department manager’s verbal & written instructions as well as following the exiting internal rules.
Fulfillment of the works in compliance with the procedures and instructions.
Provide confidenciality of the company date.
Provide the confidenciality of passwords.

Requirements :

Bachelor Degree or Higher
Expertise in Contracts Management
5 years in relevant area
Knowledge of English, MS Office
End to end P2P Processess
Market Research Analytics
Inter Stakeholder Engagement