General Director Constrution Company
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Job Description

Responsibilities :

Taking a proactive role in the formulation of future strategic objectives of the Company
Ensuring that strong strategic, long term business planning and budgeting processes are in place to produce effective plans 
Keep under review the short and long term development of the Company and make sure that strategies, business plans and budget are executed effectively.
Ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the Company are effectively and efficiently executed, coordinated, implemented and conducted within the framework agreed to by the Board and Corporate Governance Principles of the Company
Set performance parameters for the business and operational planning and budgeting process of the Company and closely monitor them to achieve best business results
Ensuring that all financial and non-financial reporting requirements are met on a timely and regular basis, and that reporting to the Board is always totally ‘transparent’ and on a ‘no surprises basis”
Developing and maintaining effective strategic relationships with key stakeholders including shareholders, funders, contract counterparties, customers and partners.
Developing a wide range of relationships and networks with the local, national and international community to position the Company as a well-known and credible organization throughout the industry.
Ensuring the development of effective lobbying strategies to local regulatory authorities and governmental organizations in order to promote the interests of the Company to achieve business objectives.
Secure of compliance with both, internal policies and with the applicable external rules and regulations.
Overtook the contractual and business related agreements with internal and external partners of the Company and control of financial activity like payment terms and cash collection etc.
Implement stringent project management processes to ensure the timely and cost effective execution of the key projects undertaken by the Company.
Building and maintaining a high performance culture through cascading long and short term business objectives to the whole organization and through effective performance management, communication and coaching of staff and contractors.
Providing clear leadership and promote and foster a team culture consistent with the Company’s values
Ensuring the recruitment of appropriately skilled staff to positions, and establishing appropriate remuneration levels and performance based conditions for staff within the framework agreed to by the Board.
Deliver in-house trainings to the personnel to share his expertise and knowledge, and develop and bring up local talents for key positions that have strategic importance for the Company.
Undertake responsibility to comply with all the Occupation Health, Safety and Sanitation requirements applied within the company.
To maintain total confidentiality.

Requirements :

Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, management or economics. Master degree, certificates and 5-10 years’ experience on senior management position in Constuction field.
Forward-planning and strategy
Administrative and financial skills
Problem Solving Ability
Honesty and Integrity 
Good time management
Good organization
Interpersonal and relationship-building skills
Good communication skills