Advisor, Member Compliance Nutrition/FMCG
1800-2000 azn

Job Description

Department: Member Compliance D0802
Location: Azerbaijan
Reports to: Coordinator, Member Compliance - RSM

(Provide short position summary (max 5 sentences) that will include the purpose of this position, how it influences the business and what organization relationship the position will have, including the supervisory responsibility).
The purpose of this position is to educate and coach Independent Members on the Company Members Rules of Conduct, Business Marketing Plan, the terms and conditions of the Company Member Application and Agreement and regulatory requirements. It is also to enforce and correct violations, in order to promote an ethical and fair environment in which Company products may be distributed, Independent Member businesses may thrive and to protect Company intellectual property rights, thereby protecting Company’s Independent Distributors/Members, the Customers and the brand and image of the company.

Responsibilities :

(List qualifications, which are relevant to the position and are required to succeed in the role, which will be reflected in Performance Management Process. Structure them and group in order of responsibility area. Include supervisory responsibility if applicable and any interactions with all levels throughout the organization, as Members, visitors, vendors and Senior Management. Keep the content plain and simple. Avoid company jargon, acronyms etc. Begin your sentences with verbs and be consistent. Try to keep your bullet points as concise as possible – max 2 lines).
Impact (Nature and scope of influence a position has on its area of responsibility/ operation)
1. Educate, coach and provide guidance to Members so Members can promote/conduct their business in a manner that is ethical and fair; activities include but not limited to Nutrition Clubs visit within the responsible regions/locations, conducting trainings/presentation at Company events (during business trip or in place)/distributors/members meetings/WebEx, provide coaching by phone conversation and/or in person, participating S&P meetings, revision of distributor/member materials and ethical quiz. 
2. Processing complaints from Members/customers/internal & external parties by answering incoming calls, emails, written forms/letters, AER/SAER inquiries and record in HCM system in accordance with SLA.
3. Responsible for the overall assigned case file handling procedure includes but not limited to manage case file in MPC system, research, investigate, documentation as well as oral/written/face-to-face communication with Company Member to resolve the issues and possibly dealing with legal and external parties. 
4. Be accountable and handle case file in timely manner and within the set SLA; keep the Manager be informed on the progress and escalate as appropriate.
5. Be knowledgeable and updated with the Company Rules of Conduct, Business Marketing Plan in order to support Member’s inquires and coach Members to conduct business in compliance with internal and external rules/laws.
6. Perform proactive research in order to minimize potential violations related to Member’s business activities includes but not limited to review internet, social media and/or any media, generate internal reports to analyze trends of Member’s activities, purchasing products from suspicious channels and/or work with external agencies.
7. Processing of Mystery Shopper visits and investigations in responsible regions.
8. Cooperation with SS&S employees in order to support local business ethical development, join and react in Member’s claims in chats.
9. Report and present MPC activities and local issues upon management request.
10. Complete all clerical responsibilities associated with case files or team’s duties includes but not limited to letter correspondence, emails, calls, prepare report and filing.

Requirements :

(degree level/academic background)
Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in relevant field
Multilingual, good command of the English language (Advanced level).
(duration and specific areas)
Customer service experiences
Excellent call handling or retail customer service skills
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Stress-resistant; able to stay calm, positive and professional under pressure
Multitasking – able to handle number of different tasks, then organize and prioritize for the best results
Adaptive – able to deal with ambiguity, can effectively cope with changes
Logical, analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to accurately and precisely summarize and present key information
Readiness to business trips
ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE (but not essential):
In a position of policies/guidelines bounded environment which requires resolving problems in day-to-day operations.
Experience in multi-level marketing or compliance, investigation based, or legal related field is a plus.
Good knowledge of MS office