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Job Description

Responsibilities :

Establishment of clear financial priorities of the company. Develop and communicate clear view to link strategic objectives with financial goals of the business
Analyze and assure that financial benefits of the Company are fell to the bottom line (profit improvements)
Provide financial analytics and predictive scenarios that drive actions and decision-making processes.
Possess a strong understanding of the company's business model and industry and be able to use this knowledge to provide an independent perspective and to constructively challenge the business teams, ensuring that business decisions are grounded in solid financial criteria.
Development and formulation of company’s strategic financial models, forecasts, annual budgets and provide their periodic execution status to the Management Board
Development relevant normative base documents (policy, process and procedures) on financial and administrative functions
Support strategy development and assistance on its execution
Being ultimate responsible for financial and administrative functions of the company
Supervision overall financial and administrative teams of the company, talent mangement of noted funtions and their evaluations

Requirements :

1. The candidate has more than 20 years of financial experience;
2. The candidate must have at least 5 years of experience as a CFO;
3. Having experience in the field of production or agriculture;
4. Excellent written and oral communication in English (Russian is desirable).