i-Field Manager Oil & Gas sector
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Job Description

The i-Field Manager will be responsible for leading a team of professionals who are tasked with developing and implementing digital
initiatives for the reservoir management team.

Responsibilities :

Key responsibilities
• Lead a team of professionals in the development and implementation of digital initiatives for reservoir management.
• Work closely with reservoir engineers, data scientists, and other stakeholders to identify and prioritize opportunities for
digital transformation and increased team efficiency within Reservoir Management.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and implement new digital solutions and tools to improve
reservoir management practices.
• Develop and maintain a deep understanding of the latest digital technologies and trends relevant to the oil and gas industry.
• Manage projects, budgets, timelines, and resources to ensure successful delivery of digital transformation initiatives.
• Develop automated systems to manage data from measure point to end users without manual transcriptions from humans.
• Establish data management standards and design data collection and storage processes that ensure data integrity is
maintained and data is used efficiently by Reservoir Management work groups.
• Responsible for coaching and mentorship of team members, setting performance objectives and goals, and conducting
regular performance reviews.
• Monitor and analyze performance metrics to track the impact of digital transformation initiatives on reservoir management
• Interface with IT for specific software needs, number of licenses etc..
• Coordinate training needs for petro-technical software
• Develop digital dashboards to improve work efficiency of petrotechs
• Ensure compliance with relevant policies, regulations, and industry standards.

Requirements :

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer
Science or a related field. An engineering degree
with strong demonstrated IT skills will also be
Minimum 15 years of experience in oil and gas
reservoir management, including experience with
digital transformation initiatives. Minimum 2 years
direct experience with SCADA systems
• Demonstrated experience leading crossfunctional
teams in the development and
implementation of digital solutions for reservoir
• Deep understanding of the latest digital
technologies and trends relevant to the oil and
gas industry including data historian systems,
SCADA, and Process Control and Automation.
• Strong analytical skills with the ability to analyze
complex data sets and draw meaningful
• Strong understanding of hydrocarbon
accounting principles
• Familiarly with Energy Components is essential
• Operator experience is desirable
Non technical
▪ Exceptional leadership and organizational skills
▪ Demonstrated mentoring and coaching ability
▪ Excellent written and oral communication skills
in both Azerbaijani and English languages