Production Engineering Manager Oil & Gas sector
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Job Description

Responsibilities :

Key responsibilities
• The Production Engineering Manager is responsible for management of the team that conducts the day-to-day execution of
Management according to the current depletion plan and all associated optimization activities. This team includes Reservoir
Engineers, Production Engineers, Reservoir Surveillance Engineers, Operations Geology, wellsite operations witnessing, Rig
& Non-Rig Ops Interfacing.
• The Production Engineering Manager is responsible for managing the reservoir development budget, ensuring that expenditures
within budget and that financial targets are met.
• Responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership to the Production Engineering team, ensuring that the team is
aligned with
the company's overall goals and objectives. This includes overseeing the development of surveillance plans, production
network modelling, artificial lift improvements and production optimization.
• Plan and manage the strategy for well intervention opportunity identification (e.g. well conversions, clean outs, sand control,
water shut offs and evaluation of shut-in wells), with a focus on ranking and prioritization for execution including assessment
of the overall risk (Low, Mid, High)
• Responsible for accurate Well Test data acquisition
• Responsible for daily interface with Wells and Operations Teams
• Responsible for technical oversight and supervision of well interventions to ensure objectives are met
• Responsible for coaching and mentorship of team members, setting performance objectives and goals, and conducting
regular performance reviews.
• Support the surface facilities assessment and identification of gaps (processing capacities, water injection systems, water
handling systems etc..) in conjunction with Facilities (Large Capital Projects)
• Manage the development of a surveillance programme for well integrity e.g. periodic corrosion logs, annulus monitoring,
normal wellhead maintenance and tests. This portion of the surveillance plan will be integrated with the surveillance needs of
the Reservoir Characterization and Field Development Planning teams.
• Responsible for the execution and complete delivery of the Surveillance Plan and achievement of RM surveillance metrics.

Requirements :

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Petroleum
Engineering, or a related field.
Minimum of 15 years of experience in Reservoir
Management. A minimum of 5 years experience in
Field Operations is essential.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Knowledge of industry regulations, standards,
and best practices.
• Experience in conducting Annual Well and Field
performance reviews
• Experience in conducting Lookback and
Lessons Learned process for new wells and
• Strong knowledge of nodal analysis and
production network modelling (Prosper, GAP)
• Demonstrated experience in working with
waterflood reservoirs
• Application of sand control solutions
• Operator experience is essential
Non technical
▪ Exceptional leadership and organizational skills
▪ Demonstrated mentoring and coaching ability
▪ Excellent written and oral communication skills
in both Azerbaijani and English languages