Wireline Field Operators Oil & Gas sector
012 -5961868

Job Description

The Wireline Operator performs duties of connecting, checking, servicing Wireline tools, Pressure Control Equipment, Logging Unit, and equipment. Wireline jobs to be performed on the oilfields in Azerbaijan (land, onshore):
Work Location: Site office, Wireline Base
Reporting to: 
operationally - Wireline Field Engineer
functionally - Wireline Base Foreman

Responsibilities :

- Ensure to comply with Company Corporate HSE rules, policies, and procedures at all times;
- Operates the winch unit for running in and out of the hole; "zeros" tools and monitors tension meter, cable speed, depth, and spooling of cable; understands depth control and weight indicator systems; uses all winch cable safety controls;
- Prepares the well for service operations, aligns logging unit, installs sheave wheel, threads cable, and connects multiple tools as required;
- Perform servicing on wireline logging unit;
- Selects, loads and unloads required tools and corresponding surface instrumentation for the job;
- Assists the Field Engineer in maintenance checks of tools and equipment in the Cell;
- Participates in inspecting, maintaining, and repairing primary tools, service units, and associated equipment;
- Builds bridles, rope sockets and heads;
- Identifies the surface instrumentation, tools, and associated equipment required to run each service;
- Performs other duties as assigned by direct supervisor;
- Attends and participates in safety meetings as required;
- Keeps and maintains time sheets, and dangerous goods forms current and accurate;
- Performs maintenance of tools, calibrates tools as required;
- Wear PPE and observe HSE policies;
- Maintain the required safety training.

Requirements :

- High School education or equivalent;
- Minimum 3 years as Wireline Operator (Crew Chief); 
- Able to operate and handle Explosives, Radiation and Pressure;
- Have PCE 10Kpsi certificate, able to service WHE10K on the field; 
- Understand basic use of Volt/ Amperemeters, Megohmmeters;
- Have a valid driving License for Light (B) and Heavy Vehicle (C, D) (desirable);
- Good personnel skills, good in communication, highly self-motivated;
- Can work in a high-pressure, learns quickly and adapts to new problems and situations;
- Must be a team player, able to get along with individuals from other groups in the organization, and a good communicator;
- Good English written and verbal communication skills.