Well Integrity Manager Oil & Gas sector
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Job Description

The Integrity Manager plays important role in safeguarding the integrity and optimal performance of wells, ensuring
strict adherence to industry standards and company protocols. This pivotal role encompasses the comprehensive
management of well integrity, from risk assessment to procedural updates, ensuring the safety, longevity, and
efficiency of operations.

Responsibilities :

Key responsibilities
Integrity Strategy Formulation:
Develop and periodically revise the well integrity strategy, ensuring alignment with industry best practices
and the company's operational goals.
Process Development and Optimization:
Design, implement, and continuously refine the well integrity processes, ensuring maximum
efficiency and effectiveness.
Guidance on Integrity Procedures:
Provide expertise and guidance to teams on well integrity procedures, ensuring consistent application
across all operations.
Reporting Mechanisms:
Oversee and enhance reporting protocols, ensuring that well integrity metrics, KPIs, and potential issues are
comprehensively captured and communicated.
Well Integrity Management System Audits:
Spearhead internal and external audits related to the Well Integrity Management System,
ensuring compliance and identifying areas for improvement.
Barrier Diagram Updates:
Regularly update and maintain barrier diagrams, incorporating the latest data and insights to ensure accurate
Monitoring and Data Analysis:
Implement and oversee robust monitoring programs, scrutinizing pressure, temperature, and fluid
composition data to preemptively identify and address potential integrity issues.
Well Integrity Software Management:
Ensure the accuracy and currency of well integrity management software, incorporating all pertinent
data and findings.
Support in
MoCs Assist the operations team in initiating and managing MoCs (Management of Change) pertinent to well integrity
Collaboration with SMEs:
Work closely with Subject Matter Experts, especially in areas like cementing, to interpret data, like cement bond
logs, and devise appropriate strategies.

Requirements :

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in
petroleum engineering or a related
Minimum of 5 years of relevant
experience in managerial role with at
least of intensive field experience in
well integrity.
Proficiency in providing technical
support on well integrity matters such
as pressure, temperature, and fluid
Ability to interpret complex data, like
cement bond logs, and make
informed decisions.
Adept at functioning harmoniously
within a team environment.
Strong communication capabilities,
both written and verbal.
Proven competence in managing
time effectively and handling diverse