Technical Development Director Company
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Job Description

The Technical Development Director is a key leadership role responsible for
driving the growth and success of Company through the strategic
development of new projects. This position involves overseeing all aspects of
project development, including site acquisition, design, financing, and
construction. Technical Development Director plays a pivotal role in expanding
the company's real estate portfolio while ensuring projects align with
organizational goals and standards.

Responsibilities :

Working on feasibility studies for the new developments,
• Managing and leading all design and procurement processes for new
• Managing master work program, master budget based on procurement
route of the new developments,
• Monitoring, leading, and reporting the progresses of new developments
and studying mitigation efforts,
• Overseeing contractors, consultants assigned to the projects,
• Based on project financial and physical progress, updating the costs in
master budget with Finance Department,
• Carry out market research and data collection, conduct analysis for
ongoing and future procurement issues,
• Creating and implementing department related policies & workflows such
as design sign off, QA&QC procedures etc.
• Managing personnels at Development Department and communicating
with superiors for new hirings based on new developments,
• Communicating with other stakeholders for new developments,
• Ensuring compliance with regulations and laws,
• All other activities assigned by Superior.

Requirements :

Bachelor’s degree in architect or civil engineering. (A master's degree or
relevant professional certifications is preferred)
• Minimum of 10 years of experience in project management, development,
or construction roles, preferably in mall development industry.
• Proven track record of successfully leading and delivering large‐scale
development projects in line with company objectives.
• Strong leadership skills with the ability to lead cross‐functional teams,
contractors, and consultants effectively. Demonstrated experience in team
management and development.
• Proficiency in financial analysis, budget management, and cost control.
Experience with project budgeting is essential.