Geomechanics Specialist Oil & Gas sector
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Job Description

The position supports the development and application of well and reservoir geomechanical technologies that are integral to exploration, appraisal, development, and abandonment activities.

Responsibilities :

Responsibilities for this position may include but are not limited to:

Conduct analyses and manage projects to address geomechanical challenges such as: fracturing, fault reactivation, subsidence/compaction, PI decline, fractured injector performance, wellbore stability, sand production, induced seismicity, etc;

Conduct Finite Element modeling and or coupled flow and geomechanics modeling. Manage, create, and analyze Mechanical Earth Models;

Integrate geological and geophysical data into the construction and interpretation of geomechanical models;

Initiate and conduct research and development in well and reservoir geomechanics to address business needs.

Requirements :

Required Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Petroleum, Earth Science, Rock Mechanics, Geomechanics, Geophysics or affiliated fields is required;

Quantified experience: +5 years’ experience. A relevant geomechanics-related research topic in grad school would be beneficial;

Demonstrated skills in geomechanics. Proven skillset to address challenges such as: wellbore stability, sand production, fracturing, fault reactivation, subsidence/compaction, PI decline, fractured injector performance, induced seismicity, etc;

Knowledge of structural geology and/or geophysics and of characterization of natural fractures;

Data analytics knowledge is highly appreciated;

Lab experience would be beneficial;

AI-ML knowledge is highly appreciated;

Familiarity with all or a subset of the following workflows: geomechanics coupling, Mechanical Earth Model (MEM) creation, finite element modeling, and geophysical-geomechanical data integration;

Familiarity with Petrel or Techlog software;

Able to guide and support technology development in response to business needs;

Demonstrated ability to leverage and maintain a broad and diverse base of mutually beneficial relationships. Ability to determine customer needs, educate customers on solutions and manage customer expectations. Take responsibility for outcomes. Foster positive relationships. Ensure inclusive treatment of others. Share information & resources. Promote healthy debate;

Able to provide mentoring and training to less experienced staff. Encourage new ideas. Adapt to change. Enable others to develop beyond existing skillset.