Account Manager/Georgia International advertising Company

Job Description

Reports To: Account Supervisor or Account Director 

Summary: Account Executives are passionate about getting the job done.  In fact, they are the ultimate project manager, firing on all cylinders all the time. They assist in the execution of all marketing activities driving their business.  They anticipate the entire process, from who is involved, to what needs to get done, and how it all fits together. Account Managers contribute to their client’s business through their strong understanding of the creative product and their role in its creation, and through their knowledge of the client, the client’s business and their consumer.  They are expected to act and think creatively and strategically, contributing to their team, but also owning their projects and integrating around ideas.  Account Managers must inspire confidence to deliver the integrated resources that best meet the needs of their client’s business. 

Core attributes of an Account Manager are: Contributor, Solution-Oriented and Idea-Oriented. 

Responsibilities :

Proactively questions and problem-solves with creative, production and media departments to ensure smooth progress on all client projects.
Adept at identifying potential problems and developing recommended solutions to review with their Account Supervisor/Account Director. 
Adds value to the creative process by providing ideas and support and helping to overcome possible obstacles.
Participates in the assessment of creative from a strategic perspective; offering relevant, insightful feedback and developing the case to sell the work.
Takes initiative with clients, proactively offering thinking and ideas.
Manages client budgets carefully and responsibly, setting a good example for Assistant Account Executive and junior clients. 
Doesn’t just identify problems, but actively seeks process solutions and brings these forth to their manager.  
Responsible for the timely and accurate issuance of all status and budget reports to the client and agency team members. Ensures budgets and timelines are met and alerts team of potential issues.
Excellent time and project management skills.
Demonstrates detailed knowledge of their client’s business. 
Understands how each assignment fits into the brand scope, why an idea is right, and the context surrounding that idea (the source of volume, the frame of reference, etc.).
Has thorough knowledge and understanding of agency processes and the time required to complete each stage. Can formulate the implication of changes to budget and delivery timelines.
Displays a superior understanding of the needs of each department (agency and client side when necessary) that will be involved in the execution of client projects. Provides key, relevant information to these departments in a timely manner.
Has a working knowledge of all Company's tools and the credentials and processes of partner companies. 
Effectively fields questions from various departments pertaining to a brand/project, by demonstrating an understanding of client objectives, issues and requirements.  
Forges strong relationships among key partner departments (broadcast, media, production, etc.) to facilitate the smooth progress of client projects.
Builds client confidence by demonstrating an ability to creatively manage and deliver a quality product, on time, on strategy and on budget.
Keeps managers and entire team informed of key developments on the business.
Maintains constant contact with client counterpart to update them on the status of projects. 
Demonstrates strong presentation skills, both in preparing materials required and in delivery. Excellent written skills.
Is the ultimate project manager; knows how to get it done.  Is the go-to person for the execution of all advertising plans.
Where possible, makes problems go away through proactive management.
Takes initiative to make appropriate decisions and uses good judgment when doing so.  
Exhibits integrity, professionalism, dependability and mature thinking. Acts as a role model for Assistant Account Executive. 
Actively trains and supports Assistant Account Executive’s development, by exposing 
him/her to all facets of advertising and the brand, and progressively allowing more
Practices agency belief system and lives the Company values.

Requirements :

3-5 years of professional experience in Marketing/Advertising.
Proven experience in effective project management.
Strong facilitation/presentation skills, both in preparing materials required and in delivery. Excellent written skills.
Solution-oriented, assertive and resilient.
Readiness for personal responsibility.
Strong time management skill