Enterprise Business Group Channel Manager IT/Telecom

Job Description

Responsibilities :

Job description : 
Understand and implement the corporate channel strategy and regional business strategy, gain insight into business opportunities, and participate in developing and executing the channel strategy of the enterprise business;
Complete channel development and achieve channel performance targets;
Develop and maintain medium- and long-term cooperation relationships with various partners;
Develop, nurture, encourage, support, brand, and order management for channel partners in the region, and implement specific actions. Transfer and implement channel policies in a timely manner;
By working closely with the account manager team and other relevant departments of the company, properly handle channel conflicts, maintain continuous growth of performance, and achieve channel sales and cash collection targets;
Integrate internal and external resources to help channel partners effectively achieve business goals and achieve win-win results.

Requirements :

Have a certain understanding of the enterprise channel business.
Have learning ability, proactive, strong communication ability, good team sense and organization coordination ability, and able to undertake responsibilities and pressure.
Be proactive and motivated, and be willing to challenge yourself.
Have experience in organizing large-scale branding activities of the company and develop relevant capabilities
Understand the channel expansion mode.
Have basic knowledge of IT and CT products.
It is recommended that you have frontline experience, communicate with customers, or have project delivery experience.