Senior Sales Manager Telecom

Job Description

Responsibilities :

-          To provide necessary information for the creation of Sales Plan (sales and business processes targets, special projects) about  services market in the geographical area for which he/she is responsible;

-          To prepare the activity plan for the geographical area for which he/she is responsible according to the Sales Plan;

-          To search for the new potential customers according to Sales Plan and give them information about Company products;

-          To coordinate the calculation of Budget with Customer Engineers according to the requirements of potential customers and discuss the results with the customers;

-          To sign contracts with the potential customers based on the standard terms and price list according to the Sales procedures;

-          In case if the customer requirements are different from the standard contract terms and price list, to provide the new terms and price list maximally protecting Company interests to the department director;

-          To control over the compliance of services reflected in the contracts provided to the customers under his/her responsibility; 

-          To keep the relations with the customers from the beginning of the intercourse till the end of the contract, as well as to provide the customer satisfaction with other departments;

-          To review the options of renewing the contracts with the customers which are going to expire and provide the new proposals to the management;

-          To keep the relations with the current, former and future potential customers of the company, as well as with information-analytic or other influential institutes in this industry;

-          To provide new proposals for the development of Sales Plan, as well as the work processes with other departments and external organizations;

-          To attend the local and international exhibitions and events about the  services in the format approved by management and participate in the negotiations with local and international partners;

-          To provide necessary information for the financial justification of any geostationary station, ground control station and teleports planned by Company;

-          According management request to be ready and willing for business trips and follow all Business trip prosedures accordingly;

-          To lead the projects which provide complex services to the customers;

-          To provide the weekly, monthly and yearly reports to the Commercial Group Manager and Department director about the incomes of current customers and negotiations conducted with the potential customers in the format and time approved by the management;

-          To provide the confidentiality of information at his/her disposal which can be useful for the adversaries of Company; 

Requirements :

Required Skills

-        Bachelor degree (technical field is preferable).

-        Minimum 5 years of experience in  related industry and minimum 3 years of experience in the sales. İf there is no experience in  related industry, minimum 5 years of experience in the sales.

-        Fluent in Azerbaijani and English, İntermediate level in Russian

-        MS Office


Personal traits

-        Excellent written communication skills, experience in using social media;

-        High written and verbal communication skills;

-        Customer oriented

-        Negotiation skills

-        Advanced skills in presentation and proposal writing

-        Team player

-        Positive work attitude

-        Decision-making skills

-        Stress resistance