Radio Spectrum Specialist Telecom

Job Description

Responsibilities :

Roles and Responsibilities


-        Following a consultation on the procedures in relation to the coordination and notification to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) of satellite networks registered;

-        Write, analyze and answer the letters to administrations with which coordination is required;

-        To submit applications for satellite network filings to the ITU;

-        To support new and established satellite networks to realize the projects through every step of the ITU’s process;

-        Maintaining and extending international cooperation for the improvement and rational use of telecommunications, satellite networks;

-        Careful analysis of spectrum allocation (including satellite orbit positions) to avoid harmful interference;

-        Deliver technical assistance by complying with world-wide telecommunication standardization, international treaties that Azerbaijan is a signatory;

-        Follow and implement coordination procedures for satellite networks in non-planned bands by advancing publication information, requesting for coordination and notifying;

-        Study and examine the use of the radio frequency spectrum and the geostationary as well as non-geostationary orbit and formulate recommendations;

-        Analyse technical and operational data contained in frequency assignment notices and prepare report on findings;

Requirements :

Required Skills

-        Bachelor degree in Radio frequency, technical related field.

-        Minimum 1 year of experience in telecommunications, radio frequency related industry

-        Fluent in Azeri and English, Intermediate in Russian

-        Advanced level of Excel and Access

-        Process design experience.


Personal traits

-        Ability to think analytically and use data from systems to correlate and solve issues;

-        Excellent communication skills and the ability to turn analysis and insight into well-documented recommendations and plans;

-        Communicating technical information to a non-technical audience in a simple way;

-        Team player;

-        Good influencing skills and able to build long term relationships with external contacts