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Job Description

Electrician position requirements

Hello, I'm the HR Consultant of Petro Hongkong pirsaat oil limited.. Petro Hongkong pirsaat oil limited carries out oil business in Azerbaijan and has oil field blocks in Azerbaijan. Now, due to the needs of business development, we need to recruit an electrician. The working place is in pirsaat oilfield.  This place is not far from Baku, and the monthly salary is 900 AZN. If you are interested in this position, please send your English resume to the mailbox of the human resources department of the company. The email address of the human resources department of the company is [email protected].

Oilfield introduction
Azerbaijani state oil company and Shengda Group Company of China Shengli Oilfield signed the agreement on production recovery, oil exploration and development and product sharing of pirsaat oilfield and nearby oil blocks of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter referred to as PSA agreement) with Azerbaijani state oil company in 1994. The agreement is the 23rd agreement signed by the Republic of Azerbaijan with foreign countries, and has been approved by more than two-thirds of the members of the national parliament of the country.

In December, 2006, Hong Kong Oil Gas Ltd. and Shengli Oilfield Shengda Group signed the share transfer agreement of Azerbaijan Shengli Petroleum Company, which has entered into force in July, 2007 and has been confirmed by the president of Azerbaijan National Petroleum Company. Therefore, Hong Kong Oil Gas Ltd. has the rights and obligations stipulated in the agreement. At present, the proved oil geological reserves of the oilfield are more than 20 million tons, and the natural gas reserves are more than 7 billion cubic meters.

Responsibilities :

Responsibilities of electrician
1. Be responsible for daily maintenance, planned overhaul and maintenance.
2. Be responsible for the installation of distribution lines.
3. Patrol each electrical circuit and distribution cabinet (box) of the oilfield every day, make patrol records, and deal with problems in time if found.
4. Be responsible for the maintenance and repair of all internal electrical equipment.
5. Be responsible for relevant equipment meeting the safety standards of Azerbaijan.
6. Strictly implement the post responsibility system and safety responsibility system to ensure the safety of personnel, equipment and facilities.

Requirements :

Job requirements
1. College degree or above, with more than 3 years of electrician work experience, proficient in English, with electrician certificate.
2. Strong hands-on ability, practical and diligent, clear thinking, strong learning ability.
3. Have electromechanical foundation and be familiar with electrical technology.
4. Have teamwork spirit and obey the arrangement of the company.
5. Working in large and medium-sized enterprises and electrical engineering projects is preferred.