Administrative Assistant Petro Hongkong Pirsaat
800-1000 AZN

Job Description

Hello, I'm the HR Consultant of Petro Hongkong pirsaat oil limited.. Petro Hongkong pirsaat oil limited carries out oil business in Azerbaijan and has oil field blocks in Azerbaijan. Now, due to the needs of business development, we need to recruit an administrative assistant. The working place is in Baku, and the monthly salary is 800 to 1000 AZN. If you are interested in this position, please send your English resume to the mailbox of the human resources department of the company. The email address of the human resources department of the company is [email protected]

Responsibilities :

Responsibilities of Administrative Assistant:
1. Responsible for the organization and preparation of the company's meeting, and writing the meeting minutes;
2. Supervise the responsible person according to the general manager's instructions and the contents of the meeting minutes, and timely report and feedback to the general manager;
3. Formulate the company system and standardize the internal management of the company;
4.Connect with government management departments, create a good political and business environment for the company, and do a good job in external publicity of the company;
5.Responsible for the annual inspection of business licenses;
6.Responsible for the electronization of all existing documents related to the company's work (original paper documents, copies and electronic documents), and the electronization and management of new documents.

Requirements :

Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, with more than 3 years of executive experience, proficient in English.
2. Good writing skills, proficient in using office software.
3. Practical, outgoing, strong sense of responsibility;
4. Strong management and response ability, practical and willing to work, rich practical experience;
5. Good coordination and communication skills, planning and comprehensive analysis skills.