Commodity Accountant International Company
012 -5961868

Job Description

Responsibilities :

Key activities:
 Organization of accounting and warehouse accounting from scratch (accounting for non-fuel goods and services)
 Knowledge of control and accounting of production costs (in fast food centers)
 Issuing tax invoices
 Development of technological and costing cards. Controlling the cost of finished products. Control of purchase and consumption of raw materials.
 Acting as a backup as per assigned functions
 Perform other relevant tasks as per management assignment
 Various ad hoc questions, tasks and projects within functional responsibility of Company requested by the manager
 Provide training to newcomers or other employees in scope
 Represent the Company values
 In case of absence of your colleagues, high workload or emergency situation you can be expected to takeover temporary other roles. So please interpret the job description as guidance for your main work duties
 Carrying out one-time official tasks and instructions of the Financial Director within the scope of activity of the Warehouse Accountant (commodity accountant)

Requirements :

Qualifications required:
 Experience in working as a commodity accountant
 Experience of organization a warehouse commodity accounting from scratch
 Ability to control production profitability
 Team player, active approach
 Ability to meet deadlines
 Languages: fluent Azeri and Russian, English is desirable