Vegetables Sales Technician International Company
012 -5961868

Job Description

The Sales Technician will report to his Area Manager.
Area Manager will report to Sales and Marketing director

Responsibilities :

Reporting directly to area manager, he will be in charge of: 

Managing the variety trials all over Azerbaijan, supporting area manager, the breeders and development team of Company
Managing the relationship with the farmers, carrying out all the necessary field work, including the selection of the location, finding reliable farmer, the sowing and the planting procedures; 
Coordinating the sowing schedule of trials by variety;
Collecting, recording, analysing and interpreting data from each trial. Communicating also unfavourable results from tests, including trials failures;
Performs the evaluations of the trials, according to the requirements of the protocol and following the agreed deadlines. Producing trial reports, field maps, etc.;
Assisting Area Manager to organize seasonal Demo fields and seminars in Azerbaijan; 
Keeping vegetable seeds market (BI)  in Azerbaijan updated;
Keeping the statistical database updated
Collaborating to SMM team to get new pictures, videos of Company's commercial products for Digital marketing purposes.
Collaborating to the distributor of Company in Azerbaijan in development of Company's brand.

Requirements :

-Technical experience in seeds business and others.
- friendly user with all Microsoft  programs (Outlook, Excel, word, Power Point).
- easy user with Internet browsers in general.
- professional user with camera on mobile phone.
- being safe and legal online.

- English;
- Turkish;
- Russian

- Customer oriented (Internal customer) 
- Organizational capacity
- Autonomy, independence, with the ability to make decisions.
- Communication skills (Communication experience with customers (mainly with farmers, nurseries, owners of greenhouses);
- Being familiar with Turkish and/or Azeri agro-consultants, key farmers, nurseries etc. 
- Good written and verbal communication