Head of Portfolio Management Investment Company

Job Description

Responsibilities :

• Leading the team of Portfolio Managers and researches, including team members’ selection, adaptation, training and development;
• Conducting research on stocks and fixed income securities based on macroeconomic factors and trends, company fundamentals and valuations;
• Building statistical and fundamental models to forecast interest rates and asset prices;
• Conducting mathematical simulations to see the potential consequences of periodic asset price movements;
• Creating a diversified multi-asset portfolio in accordance with clients' risk profiles & return expectations;
• Conducting scenario analysis for portfolios to identify potential gains and losses;
• Preparing economic updates for internal and external communications;
• Conducting joint clients’ meetings with Relationship Managers;
• Performing other functions arising from job responsibilities.

Requirements :

• Education in Finance, Economy or business organization and general management;
• CFA / ACCA / CPA qualifications are preferable;
• MBA / Mcs in Finance / Management degree is preferable;
• At least 3 years of work experience in the field;
• Excellent oral and written communication in Azerbaijani and English, including professional preparation business proposals, documentation and correspondence;
• Knowledge of Russian language is preferrable;
• Ability to use MS Office and project management programs at a professional level;
• Organizational skills;
• Knowledge of financial markets;
• Responsibility, efficiency and decision-making ability.