Assistant Country Manager International FMCG Company

Job Description

Managing of distributors with respect to  overall operations, infrastructure, processes, people capability, stock management, annual-monthly target achievement with an efficient communication with central sales team.

Responsibilities :

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Management of Distributors (Annual target and budget alignment)
Management of sales team under distributors.
Determining wright KPIs for annual target achievements and follow up for distributors and sales team.
Evaluate and improve distributor capability in terms of warehouse-team-supporting issues (IT,logistic etc.)
Channel classification of countries and adapt organisation according to this classification.
Monthly performance evaluation of distributors and sales team.
Determining bonus-payment system of sales team.
Stock management of distributors.
Achieving monthly-annual sales targets of countries.
Planning efficient promotional activities with COM for channels and realize them.
Follow up annual agreements with customers.
Define guidelines for coverage planning.
Follow up of field budgets versus incremental sales per rep.
Build excellent relationships with the regional/local responsible manager of the concerned customers.
Develop Customer Development Strategy and Plan for the Channel Group.
Coordinate the development of channel/territory, Customer Strategies and Plans.
Assess customer-consumer needs and demands, define implications for the company.
Support customers’ strategy development and implementation.
Following and reporting market dynamics and trends.
Making periodical meetings with subordinates in order to review the business and short-term target setting.
Following technological trends and making use of them for customer.
Making periodical meetings with the customers in order to assess and identify business opportunities for both parties.

Requirements :

Higher education degree
Minimum 2 years of active sales experience in FMCG sector is a plus
Distribution management, account management experience is an advantage
Fluent English, Azerbaijani, good in Russian
Managerial skills