Account Planner Director
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Planners define how a particular strategy can help a client add value to their business, and inspire creative teams to create advertisements in order to achieve this. They use research, trends and data on markets, consumers and culture to help them to do this.

An account planner's duties may include:
• working with the client to establish their aims and objectives
• analysing existing data, market reports and trends
• developing, managing and analysing research projects
• working with colleagues to develop ideas for a campaign
• briefing the creative team, allowing them to create an effective and well-targeted proposition for the client
• presenting ideas and conclusions to the client
• organising and attending focus groups to do qualitative research
• monitoring the success of the campaign as it runs, suggesting changes and improvements where necessary
• analysing the results.


An account planner should:
• be creative and able to think around problems
• be a rigorous and logical thinker
• have strong presentation skills
• have good business skills
• have good written and spoken communication skills
• be able to work well as part of a team, with a range of people
• have computer skills
• be able to work to deadlines
• have a smart appearance and professional manner
• be persuasive and diplomatic
• be skilled at analysing and making use of research
• have good negotiating skills.


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