Search for candidates and their evaluation

Search for candidates is done in several ways:

  • Search through database
  • By placing vacancy announcements on the Site of the agency
  • Publication of announcements in mass media
  • Search by using personal contacts and recommendations

The next step is to do the following:

  • Evaluate professional skills of the candidate. To identify motivations of the candidate and expected salary.
  • Conduct interview with the candidate (to evaluate the appearance and required abilities of the candidate)
  • Analyze written documents (application, biography, resume)
  • Get information about the candidate, his answers and recommendations from previous work places.
  • Inform the client about the order process
  • Organize interviews with the best candidates


Guarantee for this service is 1-3 months, depending on the level of the position. In case of firing of the candidate during the probation period? During 30 calendar days, we guarantee one time free replacement of the candidate for the position without additional payment.

Price for the service

Price for the service is 10-25% of the annual gross profit of the candidate depending on the difficulty of the finding the right candidate. Payment is done after hiring the candidate to the position.
This price includes meeting the requirements on the level of development and work experience of the candidates as well as consultations on personnel market and the level of salaries in competent companies.

Download Application Form for the recruitment

Post a Vacancy
Post a Vacancy

Fee for posting a vacancy is just 25 AZN. Duration of placement will be one month.

Payment shall be made within 15 calendar days since the announcement is published on our web.

On the expiry of the payment the announcement will be removed without the prevention.

To prolong the announcement of vacancy for a month (or more) it is necessary to send the notice in writing form to the administration of a site via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All vacancies are being moderate without exception!

We also reserve the right to deny service to the employers that repeatedly fail or are unable to meet fair employment standards and to those involved in illegal operations. Job announcement containing requirements relating to the gender, age, nationality or religion of applicant will be published without such requirements.

Executive search for high management and unique specialists
Executive search for high management and unique specialists

The project Executive Search includes the following consistency:

  • Analysis of the order: study of the market of the activity of the client; estimation of the vacant position, define ways of search, study of the labor market for the position, establish certain plan for the project.
  • Study opportunities and conditions to attract candidates for the vacant positions at the company of the client: looking for the candidate among current successful workers, using contacts in industry, present full list (Long list) of candidates to the client.
  • Evaluation of the candidate: thorough personal interview, analyze qualifications, to look through the weak and strong sides, to present the client the list of final candidates (Short list), present the client conclusion about each of the candidate including professional as well as biographic characteristics.
  • Selection of the candidate: organize meeting of the client with the candidate, compared analysis of the candidates, help in negotiations between the client with the candidate, support professional relations with the client and the successful candidate.
Trainings and Seminars
Trainings and Seminars

The company HCB receives orders on organization professional trainings and seminars on following topics:

  • FMCG (distribution)
  • Small sales
  • Corporative sales
  • Professional services
  • Bank work and insurance
Personnel consulting
Personnel consulting

Study of the labor market of the Client by fields and concrete companies

The services include study of the labor market of the interested Client of concrete field. We conduct survey on leading top managers of the market, get the details about concrete salaries and what motivation packs exist in these companies and what is happening with the employees in this field. After a thorough research the client can carefully accept any decision on strategies in human resources.

HR consulting

finding out compliance of staff units of the organizational structure, adaptation, or preparation of instructions for the positions on the basis of business processes, evaluation of information stream in the enterprise, working out budget system of the HR service, help in working out recruitment system and adaptation of the employees, promote motivation system, working out attestation draft, etc.