Senior Tax Consultant Audit company

Job Description

Responsibilities :

Main job responsibilities:
·   Perform research on specific tax matters; 
·   Investigate tax assessments to computation;
·   Deal with the tax request of Clients;
·   Assistance to the Clients during tax audits;
·   Prepare tax returns based on information received from Clients;
·   Provide support to Tax Managers in audits and response to various taxing authority notices;
·   Excellent personal communications skills and ability to work in team environment.

Requirements :

Education and work experience:
·   Higher education in Finance and Accounting;
·   3-year experience in accounting and tax.
Skills and competencies: 
·   Knowledge of Tax Legislation and other Legislation Acts on taxation;
·   Good knowledge in accounting;
·   Analytical skills;
·   Attention to details;
·   Knowledge of Azerbaijani (fluent), Russian (prefer) and English (intermediate) languages;
·   MS Office skills.