Public Relations (PR) Specialist Telecom
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Job Description

We are looking for a competent Public Relations (PR) Specialist who will be responsible for maintaining a positive image of our company, identifying media opportunities, and promoting public awareness of the company through internal and external communications.

Responsibilities :

Roles and Responsibilities
- Design and plan Corporate Communications strategy in all directions (GR, PR, CSR, Internal Relations, Partners/ Investor Relations etc.);
- Improve the quality of the company’s voice via different online and offline channels;
- Write press releases, media announcements, editorials, articles and other PR copies;
- Write speeches for the company’s representatives (business meetings, press conferences, government communication);
- Arrange interviews and other media and event appearances for the employer or customers;
- Prepare presentations for media briefings and other meetings;
- Organize and oversee company events such as press tours and conferences;
- Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of PR campaigns and communicate results of PR efforts to management;
- Serve as a first contact person for all media queries;
- Provide effective crisis management solutions in times of need;
- Suggest effective ways of peacefully resolving any public or external disputes;
- For local initiatives, adjusting all brand and corporate communication (technical requirements, artworks, advertisement) to local regulations;
- Build and maintain targeted media lists; cultivate, maintain and nurture relationships with national, regional and international media outlets and key reporters;
- Collaborate with external stakeholders including public affairs offices, consumer organizations and professional societies.

Requirements :

Required Skills 
- Previous working experience as Public Relations Specialist for at least 3 years
- BSc/BA in PR, Marketing, or similar relevant fields
- Excellent English and Azerbaijani communication skills, both written and verbal, knowledge of Russian language is strength
- Hands-on experience with a variety of different PR campaigns 
- Applicable knowledge in copywriting and editing
- A creative yet practical mind
- Experience with diverse social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)
- Excellent communication, presentation and leadership skills
- Aptitude in public speaking 
- Outstanding organizational and time management skills
- An analytical mind and problem-solving skills
- Attention to details
- Positive attitude to work
- Growth mindset, willingness to work on himself/herself
- Loyalty to company and its values, willingness to give extra effort to ensure success  
- Strong team player, willing to share his/her knowledge and experience with teammates