Lead Sales Specialist Oil & Gas sector
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Job Description

Responsibilities :

Assist with the development and implementation of sales strategies for a specified geographic area, business unit or product line.
Training new sales staff, assigning specific tasks to other sales staff, and monitoring the team's sales performance.
Solving customer complaints and answering customers' questions.
Writing reports for senior managers.
Prepare sales presentations or proposals to explain product specifications or applications.
Emphasize product features based on analyses of customers' needs and on technical knowledge of product capabilities and limitations.
Study documentation or other information for new scientific or technical products.
Assisting with the selling of products and services and assisting to maximize sales.
Contact new or existing customers to discuss how specific products or services can meet their needs.
Review of price offers and their confirmation
Planning the stock availability of material and accessories for sale
Providing sales staff with constructive feedback and assisting staff to solve customers' problems.
Evaluation of sales contracts, participation in the creation of company documents to increase the sale.
Conducting price bid statistics
Organization of meetings with customers and assignment of team members for specific work
Keeping track of reports from sales staff
Maintaining inventory, filling out paperwork, and possibly tasking sales workers with the buying of more supplies.
Maintaining positive customer relations.
Motivating the sales staff and creating an atmosphere of healthy competition among the staff.

Requirements :

Bachelor's degree.
A significant and proven working experience in sales ,a familiarity with the current sales techniques,and experience with closing deals and closing calls.
The attitude of leaving no stone unturned to get things done within the stipulated deadline
Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
Ability to think on your feet.
Knowledge of software 1C
Fluency in Russian and English languages
An awareness of everything commercial in the current day and age and business understanding and familiarity with the business world's major happenings.
Excellent customer service and leadership skills.
Strong networking abilities.
Ability to diagnose problems and find solutions.
Strong degree of diplomacy and the ability to work with a range of different people.
Ability to remain professional.
Willingness to work overtime when required.