Maintenance, Reliability and Integrity Director Oil & Gas sector
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Job Description

The Director of Maintenance, Reliability and Integrity (MRI) is a key leadership position responsible for the strategic direction of the MRI function and ensuring that all MRI operations, processes and procedures within the organization are executed safely and effectively. 

Responsibilities :

Responsible for providing direction and leadership to the MRI function, ensuring that the function is aligned with the company's overall goals and objectives.
Accountable for the development and implementation of effective strategies and procedures to ensure that all facilities and equipment are well maintained and operate at optimal levels.
Health, Safety, and Environment: The MRI Director is responsible for ensuring compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations and implementing programs to promote a safe work environment.
Responsible for managing department heads across all MRI functions including developing and implementing programs to attract, retain, and develop top talent within the organization. 
The Director of MRI is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of all related functions within the MRI organisation to ensure continued success
The Director of MRI has ultimate ownership of the MRI risk register, and is responsible for procedures and processes used in the identification and mitigation of risks associated with MRI operations.
Responsible for financial management within the function including budgeting, financial reporting, and risk management.
Responsible for developing a culture of continuous improvement, identifying and implementing new technologies and innovations to improve the organization's performance and competitiveness.

Requirements :

A Master's degree in Mechanical, Electrical, or Industrial Engineering or a related field 

Work experience: 15+ years of experience in oil and gas maintenance management. Candidates with experience managing large maintenance teams and budgets are preferred.

A strong technical background in maintenance engineering, including knowledge of equipment and systems used in the oil and gas industry, is essential.
Experience in root cause analysis, reliability engineering, and predictive maintenance is preferred.
Strong management skills, including the ability manage budgets, and allocate resources effectively
Strong understanding of safety regulations and compliance requirements related to maintenance operations in the oil and gas industry.

Non technical
Exceptional leadership and organizational skills
Strong leadership including the ability to lead and motivate teams
Excellent written and oral communication